Grid-Tied Solar Systems with Net Metering

This system is for an electricity consumer with an existing grid supply facility.

The JF Energy (Pvt) Ltd Solar power generating facility is installed on the client’s premises and synchronized with the grid supply.

Enabling electricity produced by The JF Energy (Pvt) Ltd Solar power generating
facility may be used during the day in the premises while the surplus production (if any) can be fed to the national grid through The Net Metering Facility. The number of kilowatt hours fed to the grid is recorded via the system.

At the peak hours of consumption and during nights the electricity from the national grid may be consumed while at other times the consumer may rely on The JF Energy (Pvt) Ltd Solar power generating facility and at the end of the months the customer pays only for the kWh that in excess of what is produced the Grid Tied Solar System installed on the premises.  ( i.e:  number of kWh produced – number of kWh consumed by the consumer / client ) Credit will be given to the consumer for the surplus production, is in excess of consumption.
No batteries needed.

Capacity of systems can be adjusted according to client’s requirement. System capacity can vary from 10000W to 500000W or even bigger.

Off-Grid Solar Systems

The JF Energy (Pvt) Ltd OFF GRID SYSTEMS suitable for places without an electrical grid connection.

During the day electricity is generated by the system and is stored in a bank of batteries and in the nights and other times power so stored in the batteries may be used.

Power at 230V 50Hz AC, 12V or 24VDC can be generated and may be used by the consumer. Many domestic appliances: Lights, fans, television, radios, cookers, washing machines, water pumps, irons etc can be powered by this system.

It is an ideal option for buildings in remote areas such as holiday bungalows and eco-resorts.

To learn more about solar systems Download Solar Brochure or Contact Us for a detailed presentation or a visit.


Sri Lanka is a country rich in Solar Resource. This image of Sri Lanka illustrates the Annual Global Horizontal Irradiation (GHI) in Sri Lanka. Therefore, it is highly advantages to use solar energy for power generation, especially in the areas marked in yellow and red.

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